Get Self-Centered

Winter, 2020

Hudson Valley, NY

From our Participants

Everyone was respectful, kind, considerate, supportive and compassionate of others. 

The way the other members held space for  for everyone and their own experiences was real.  I never felt like I could bring my truest self to the table while in a room full of strangers until this weekend.  And the feeling of being there for others was cathartic in its own right. 


- KK, 42

Although everyone was coming from a different situation, it was incredible how similar so many of the stories were.  It made me feel that I was not crazy for putting up with poor behavior for so long.

- MC, 61

Your relationship to yourself is the most important and the only one over which you have control. Treat it accordingly.

-IC, 22

Jump into this weekend with both feet. Bring your "baggage" and let Nikki and her team help you sort through the rubble. You will be a changed person for the better by committing to this for yourself. It was by far the most healing time in the aftermath of my traumatic experience. This experience has sent me on a trajectory that will in fact propel me into redefining my future. If you have any doubts, put them aside and take advantage of this unique opportunity to be "Self-Centered."

-RL, 35

This retreat will meet you where you are in progressing from a damaging relationship into a life that will thrive with vitality. Every woman attending the retreat left with new insights and a renewed commitment to live life with her needs taking priority. Through each of the leaders, the mind, body and spirit were refreshed in a way that is sustainable in every day life. 

- PK, 29