Healing on Demand

Our work is available through more than our weekend retreats. We're excited to introduce our new distance healing program.  We're bringing our heart healing services directly to you.  Through our Patreon, you can get the help you need, at the price you choose, 24/7,

regardless of where you live. 

(And regardless gender, this one's for the guys as well!)

What You Get

Advice & Information

Exclusive access to articles, advice, journaling prompts, and meditations created specifically for our community at We Are Self-Centered.  Pulling from the systems of psychology, mindfulness, attachment theory and more, Nikki and her team of break up experts teach you how to heal your heart using a combination of proven techniques from  modern psychology and ancient wisdom.

Personalized Coaching

A customized healing plan created just for you.  You'll receive two monthly check ins so you can share your updates and we can monitor your progress. Healing work can included meditations designed specifically for you, journaling prompts, or self-reflective assessments. This is not a one size fits all program, it is designed specifically to fit your heart.

Resource List

Educating yourself on best practices for self-care, reevaluating your relationships, and learning what healthy, functional relationships look like is critical to healing and avoiding similar pain in the future.  Our curated resource list is updated constantly with the most up to date information,  to help move through your break up and envision where your life is headed next.

Nikki's Relationship Journals

Being in a relationship creates new challenges no matter how long you've been at it.  Lives changes year over year and there are always bumps in the road and unexpected changes to navigate.  Nikki shares her most intimate reflections as she moves into new life phases with her partner such as moving, motherhood, marriage and the mother-in-law.


"Absolutely amazing and life changing."

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