We Are Self-Centered is a community of women and healers coming together to better understand our past and move forward together.  It was founded on the basis that compassionately knowing your true self is the only way to move into loving, intimate relationships. 

We practice a combination of modern psychology, emotional wellbeing, and positive mindfulness to arrive at our best self with renewed love and strength.  By utilizing the frame of a retreat, we leave behind our familiar circumstances, create meaningful change, and return to the world with a new foundation

of community, skills and understanding. 



Regain control over your wandering thoughts and negative self-talk. Learning simple mindfulness techniques decreases depression and anxiety, and leads to an increase in overall physical and neurological health over time.  We’ll learn easy practices of mindfulness that can be integrated into anyone’s life, no matter how busy your schedule.


The science of how to feel good!  After a break up it can feel like you are down in a dark hole.  Our goal is not only to get back to baseline, but how to feel like we are thriving and living a full, pleasurable life.  Positive psychology is the science that takes us there.  We’ll spend time developing personalized skills, tools, and goal setting to move forward into a more flourishing future.


The way you attach to others can be seen as early as infancy.  We’re wired to respond through habitual patterns when we feel attached and especially when we feel triggered by those attachments.  Our workshops will teach you how to better identify our own attachment markers and habitual reactions, and how to  better navigate the same in others.


We are committed to growing your support network that you can take home with you.  Positive relationships improve health markers across the board, especially in turbulent times.  We know that after a break up, even close friendships can appear threatening.  Our work focuses on positive communication, trust building, and healthy boundaries to create meaningful, empowering relationships.



"Absolutely amazing and life changing."

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