Get Self-Centered

February, 2020

Hudson Valley, NY


In a time where it is audacious as a woman to put yourself first,

that is exactly what we are joining together to do.

Our retreat is for any woman who has lost sight of herself in the aftermath of a break up,

whether it’s a recent shift or a time in your past that hasn’t released its grip.


We are a healing space to powerfully shift your relationships to your exes, to yourself,

and to future partners through education, modern mindfulness practice,

meaningful experience, and community.

This gathering is where we return to our center, this is how we remember our deepest self.


What We Do


Loss of community is one of the most challenging aspects of a break up.  Engaging in a healthy community is also one of the most impactful ways to move forward.  Some of us neglect friendships only to find ourselves isolated after the relationship ends.  Some of us feel like we’ve "used up" our time to talk about our heartache with loved ones. 


By joining Self-Centered, you join a community of women in support of one another.  The feelings of healing that come from building up other women as you rebuild yourself are incomparable


This is the essence of who we are at


Regain control over wandering thoughts and negative self-talk. Learning simple mindfulness techniques decreases depression and anxiety, and leads to an increase in overall physical and neurological health over time.  It can even help you fall asleep better and wake up more rested.  We’ll learn easy practices that can be integrated into anyone’s life, no matter how busy your schedule is.


Guests will learn why their brain is wired to feel addicted to an ex, how subconscious patterns from as early as infancy can manifest in our intimate relationships, and why learning the science of positive psychology can lead to living a full and flourishing life.  Through a combination of workshops, guided reflection, and practice, guests will leave equipped not only with a new skillset of breakup survival tactics but a foundation from which to build their best life.